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We are a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of sophisticated products
for control of hydraulic valves.
The uniqueness of these products lies in their compactness,  are very easy to assemble
and use, and are reliable. All of these qualities are at attractive prices.

The broad variety of  products includes:

Relays for hydraulic control

  •     A variety of solenoid types
  •     P/R pilots with or without electrical control
  •     P/R pilots with hydraulic remote  in NC mode
  •     Electrical & hydraulic Plastic valves

All these can be obtained separately and easily assembled on existing valves at your facilities 
or obtained  already assembled on our own plastic valves.


Galit Galsol Midisol Minisol
Hydraulic P/R kit   Supergalit   Ted   XR100
Electric P/R kit  Solenoid Electrical Valves

Hydraulic Valves   PRV   Electric PRV    
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