N.O/N.C Hydraulically- controlled relay with 3- position handle all built into one unit. Suitable for opening & closing of hydraulic valves up to 16” and .enables modifying N.O. valves to be N.C



valve position N.C

valve position N.O

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Springs Selection Table



Galit N.C.

Galit N.O.

  Yellow 5-10m 5-10m
  Green 10-14m 10-15m
  White 14-17m 15-20m
  Red 17-22m 20-25m


Springs Selection Table

Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi
Minimum Operating Pressure: 0.5 bar / 8 psi
End Connections: Female Threaded 1/8” BSP
Manual Override: Auto, Open, Closed
Orifice Size: 5.8 mm / 0.226”

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